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Bakersfield Party Bus ~ Some common questions and answers about our services

When deciding to make an investment in luxury transportation for your event, it's completely normal to want to know in detail what you're getting into! Our professional booking agents encouter a bunch of questions on a daily basis... Many of them are similar from customer to customer. For your convenience, we've included the most common and also the most pertinent for your informational purposes right here on this page.

Here's our FAQ:

A: A party bus is the length of a regular limo but the height of a bus. With all the features inside, its like a mobile nightclub.

A: Inside the party buses are like nightclubs on wheels with amazing sound systems, falt screen TV, rotating lights, and wet bars. More details listed in the VEHICLES section.

A: Those depend on the season. Inquire duringt he inital quote about any discounts or specials you can take advantage of.The prices for Sundays through Thursdays are usually lower than on Fridays and Saturdays.

A: Yes, you can drink on the bus as long as everyone in the group is 21 years old or older. if there is anyone younger than 21, all alcohol consumption is not allowed.

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A: Yes. We will not supply any alcoholic drinks.

A: No, there is no smoking at all, including vaping, on or within 15 feed of the vehicles. If there is any evidence of smoking inside the vehicles, an additional detailing fee may be charged.

A: Yes, bring food if you would like, but keep everything clean or an additional clean up fee may be charged.

A: A valid credit card will need to be on file when you confirm the rental. The card will be charged within 24-72 hours.

A: Sure. Tips are very much encouraged. Please pay in cash at the start or end of the night, and about 10%-20% is an good rate of a tip. If you want to include a tip with your total balance, we can include that into your quote at the time of the booking.

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