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Bakersfield Party Bus ~ Some facts about our pricing

The rental prices are customized on the needs of the customer. Give us a call today and we can talk about exactly what you need and we can help you choose the perfect party bus for your event. We do not have a list of rates on the site people there are many variables and details that go into the final price to try to generalize it. We want to make sure you are getting the perfect vehicle for your event. When you have all the details for your event, call us and we can give you a quote.

The variables involved in our pricing that limit our ability to publish our party bus and limo pricing are deeply attached to one primary factor... Demand. High demand for our services raises our operating costs. Low demand for our services lowers our operating costs. Of course, there are other outside factors involved which also affects our costs, and thus, our pricing. Factors like fuel costs, materials costs, repair and labor costs. All of these go into the factors which determine our projected rates. The simple reason we don't publish pricing is because we don't operate at the highest possible ceiling of profit margins. We base our profit margins on a percentage over our costs, which allows us to lower our rates whenever we anticipate having a lower operating expense period of time. In the end, this benefits you because we're always looking at ways to save both you and us money!

In light of this information, if you find that your date is flexible... Give us a call prior to solidfying your plans. Our booking agents will be happy to work out a time-frame to deliver you the best possible price! For prices around the country try out Chicago Party Bus Prices or Party Bus Prices Philadelphia


What type of an event is it (hours and area of travel)? Such as wedding, bachelor party, etc

What day of the week is it planned? (rates vary on Friday/Saturday as opposed to the rest of the week)

How long will you need the party bus?


Size of vehicle:

Ranges from 18 to 24 passengers depending on the vehicle chosen


Daytime rates vs. night-time rates

Pickup/drop off locations:

The length in miles from where we need to pick you up, where we are going throughout the rental, and where you need to be dropped off

Type of event:

Wedding, Bachelor party, etc

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